Ireland’s Building Energy Rating (BER) – The Results So Far

Building Energy Ratings (BER) have been with us for quite a while at this stage. Since 2009, every property for sale or rent must have a BER certificate. Since 2007, those building their own homes have need a BER before moving in. In that time, there have been a lot of assessments, a lot of results and a lot of laminated certificates filed away in the drawer (you know that drawer… the one where we used to keep the plastic bag stash). So, how did we all do? What’s the pass/fail rate like? Well, I guess you can’t really ‘fail’ the BER – it’s the taking part that counts, really. With well over half a million BER assessments conducted to date, read on to have a look at some of the interesting results. Continue reading

Building a House: The Best Bits You Need To Know

Photo Credit : Dakota Roos

As we embark on our little journey towards building a house, this blog will follow the progress throughout the process. Nothing new there, I hear you say. So let’s think about what are the best bits we should cover as we endeavour to turn a field into a home.  Continue reading