dTunes 2016

dTunes version 13.0. Plenty of old reliables, a few surprises and something for everyone in the audience.

Fire Side

  1. Still Breathing – Green Day

It’s always good to start with some gratitude. Green Day, like the rest of us, are glad to be still around above ground. They may not be groundbreaking but they sure know how to write catchy three-minute pop punk tunes. Still breathing fire into their 40s, Green Day will be with us for a while longer.

  1. Classic Masher – Pixies

Toot, Toot! The Pixies latest reincarnation has divided fans and critics but dig deep and the diamonds in the rough are there. Still able to marry infectious melodies and zany lyrics, ‘Classic Masher’ is classic Pixies. One listen and you’ll be toe tapping along to “Tête-à-tête with his haberdasher”. Long Live The Pixies.

  1. Elephant In The Room – The Riptide Movement

The song title probably rules out a No. 1 hit in India, but that doesn’t take from this foot stomper (sorry..) of a tune. The first of the homegrown contributions, The Riptide Movement make another appearance this year with a reminder that it’s always good to talk.

  1. Lost Cause – Sons Of The East

It wouldn’t be dTunes without an entry from Australia and Sons of the East fly the flag this year. Anthemic folk pop you might call it, these guys are made for the festival stage. Never has a lost cause sounded so happy.

  1. Ophelia – The Lumineers

These guys certainly have an ear for a tune and this one will join ‘Ho Hey’ in their setlist forever. World domination is surely a formality at this stage. This may bring back memories of the Leaving Cert and Hamlet for some…!

  1. Stages – The Frank And Walters

Actor Cillian Murphy delivers the spoken word on one of the standout tracks from the Franks latest album. Whipping Boy fans will hear echoes of ‘Heartworm’ in the delivery. This is another chapter in the band’s fixation on the passing of time.

7.Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Official winner of ‘Earworm of the Year’, this is like a medley of 5 songs plucked from mid 80s candyfloss pop. Like all great songs, it feels like you know the song when you hear it for the first time. For any DJ looking to fill a floor, just press play.

  1. Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another one of the veterans back with a bang, this is the Chili Peppers at their very best. This one will rest proudly alongside the rest of the back catalogue. ‘Darkness helps us all to shine’. True dat.

Ring Side

  1. Black Man In A White World – Michael Kiwanaku

This could have been written, recorded and released 50 years ago. Yet musically and thematically it’s relevant and topical today. It’s also a humdinger of a catchy tune.Super video too. Clap Along, If You Feel That’s What You Wanna Do.

  1. Bang Bang – Lawrence Taylor

Young player of the year award goes to this fella and we’re sure to hear more of him in the coming year. Wonderfully crafted from intro to the breakdown, this is what three-minute pop songs are meant to sound like.

  1. Tilted – Christina And The Queens

Warning: Listeners may be affected by involuntary hip movements during this song. I saw her performing this at Glastonbury (on TV alas… ) and it quickly became the Song of the Summer. Play it often.

  1. Autonomic – DBFC

This year’s long player. Describing themselves as ‘a club, not a band’, DBFC have a club anthem on their hands here. Turn it up and test the speakers.

  1. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers

The indie/dance crossover tune of the year. This one caught my ear earlier in the year and has stayed there ever since. 500 million views of the video on You Tube means I’m not alone.

  1. Re-arrange – Biffy Clyro

Often more interesting when in introspective melancholy mode, Biffy Clyro hit the target with this cry for help love song. This year’s ‘do do do do do do do’ entry. Nice tune.

  1. My Happy Place – The Divine Comedy

Neil Hannon’s latest album was described as the most Divine Comedy release to date and so it is. Peppered with the usual lyrical wit and grand arrangements, it is well worth a listen if ironic orchestral pop takes your fancy. We all need a Happy Place and the banjo in this one will take you there.

  1. Gold Dust – BANNERS

Epic stuff from BANNERS. There’s always room for a good old-fashioned anthem here and this would be right at home in any festival arena. Fists in the air now…

  1. Give Me Tonight – Dustin Tebbutt

For best results, keep your eyes closed. Time to say goodnight.



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